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400B Pendant Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2W6
Ph: 289-825-0303

Cinelease Toronto first opened the doors of its 37,000 square foot rental house in September 2022. Investing millions into new equipment, Cinelease now offers Toronto filmmakers unparalleled access to best in class lighting and grip equipment from premier manufacturers, including the full lineup of LRX Lighting’s revolutionary robotic lighting technology. Strategically located just west of Toronto’s Pearson Airport and positioned near major highways, the facility is equipped with multiple loading bays, simplifying the logistics of gear transport. Cinelease Toronto continues to provide a positive economic impact in Ontario with its continued employment opportunities for both seasoned professionals and aspiring candidates.


3195 Production Way
Burnaby, BC V5A 3H2
Ph: 236-485-9140

Upon celebrating its 45th year in business, Cinelease opened the doors of its first Canadian-based rental house in July 2022. For the first time, Canadian filmmakers were given direct access to Cinelease’s expertise and vast inventory without the complications of international shipping. Nestled in Burnaby, this rental house stands near sound stages and popular filming locations, making moving equipment from warehouse to set efficient and cost effective. Cinelease’s inventory, which includes the full lineup of LRX Lighting’s revolutionary robotic lighting technology, paired with its experienced and knowledgeable staff provide a top-tier customer experience only Cinelease can deliver.

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