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Lighting and Grip Equipment

Cinelease possesses the largest lighting rental inventory in the US. Our expansive inventory houses all the manufactured brands in tandem with a large selection of specialty items. Our inventory reflects the preferred choice of the experienced working professional. Each customer is guaranteed both the highest quantity and quality of equipment inventory in the market. Less than 3% of our inventory is sub-rented annually from other suppliers and with our top of the line unlimited stock, our customers will be given the most for their budgets. Our equipment process is as follows:

• Electric – The Electric department processes all rental orders involving HMI, tungsten, cable and distribution, dimming, LED, and kino-flo fluorescent lighting. Each rental order is delegated by an experienced Foreman to a Cinelease warehouse leader.

• Grip – The Grip department processes all rental orders involving grip equipment, i.e. grip stands, overheads and flags, parallels, frames, grip carts, ladders, scaffolding, pipe, iron, wood and cloth inventory.

To inquire about these products and learn more about our full line of lighting equipment, please email:

Services Offered

  • LED
  • Wireless Technology
  • Tungsten
  • HMI
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Dimmers
  • Cable & Distro
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Overheads
  • Flags
  • Grip Hardware
  • Stands
  • Chimeras

Cinelease Truck Packages are available in 10, 5, 3 and 1-ton trucks. All packages are pre-loaded or standard with options to customize and add on additional electrical equipment.

Cinelease Truck Packages

At Cinelease, Inc. we constantly update and expand our stock to reflect the ever growing demands of the lighting and grip industry. In addition to our expansive stock, we also offer fully customizable truck packages to suit your production transportation needs. At Cinelease, you can get a standard expendable package of inventory available to production for use on their project or on an an á la carte basis. From small to large scale productions, Cinelease can help you get there.

10-Ton Package

5-Ton Package

3-Ton Package

1-Ton Package