Cinelease Studios Expands to New Jersey With Three New Soundstages

Sep 2, 2021 | Cinelease Studios | 3 comments

Three purpose-built soundstages have opened doors at a complex in New Jersey, where a recent film and TV production surge joins a long-standing boom across the Hudson River in New York City and state. Cinelease Studios, Caven Point, located in Jersey City, offers 112,400 square feet across three soundstages that are 40 feet high to the grid and 50 feet to the ceiling.

The studio (named for its Caven Point Road location) is accessible via New York area public transit lines and is within labor union drive-to-work zones, meaning employers don’t shoulder worker transportation costs. “It’s a stone’s throw from lower Manhattan,” says Gannon Murphy, general manager of Cinelease Studios, which manages 14 soundstages in four states. The nearby Cinelease Studios Brooklyn is home to the second seasons of Apple TV Plus series “Dickinson” and Netflix series “Russian Doll.”



  1. Tommy Luca

    👏(APPLAUSE)👍 #NJFILM Congratulations! And… Thank you!

  2. Curtis

    Hello, this is great news of the New Facility located in Jersey City. I live only “10” minutes away. I was wondering if there are any possible “ENTRY LEVEL” POSITIONS , For a Veteran seeking gainful employment. There, or anywhere throughout your company. I would even be willing to relocate, as a last resort. Thanks, I wish you and “Cinelease” all the best at your new location.
    Sincerely, Curtis Y.

    • cinelease

      Thanks for your comment. You can always visit our careers page (in the top navigation) for current openings. We are growing fast, thanks for your support.

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