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TORONTO CANADA, SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 – Cinelease, Inc., the film and entertainment industry’s leading lighting and grip provider, celebrated the grand opening of its latest equipment rental warehouse in Toronto on September 24th with a celebration that drew hundreds of filmmakers, gaffers, grips, electrics, and lighting professionals from across Ontario. 

The grand opening of this massive 37,000 square foot lighting and grip warehouse marked Cinelease’ssecond permanent location in Canada – the first opened in Vancouver in July 2022. With a physical presence in Canada’s leading production hubs, Cinelease plans to integrate itself into the Canadian filmmaking community as it has in the United States over the past 45 years.

“We’ve invested millions into our inventory of new equipment, and have created an unmatched team of experienced, knowledgeable staff who understand the nuances of the industry,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Marketing for Cinelease. “We’re excited to provide Toronto’s filmmakers access to the newest lighting and grip equipment from the most revered manufacturers.” 

Cinelease will fill a gap in the Toronto entertainment market that’s grown in recent years as local content production has soared, yet access to premium support equipment has stagnated.

“Now is the perfect time for Cinelease to step in and provide these much needed services to the local industry,” said Eddy Mikolič, Business Development Manager for Cinelease Toronto. “Having been a front line Lighting Technician in Toronto for over 35 years, I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be to get the gear you need. Cinelease has a long history that many professionals are familiar with, and I think they’re looking forward to the variety and quality of inventory that comes with the Cinelease name.”

Cinelease’s inventory – primarily brand new lighting and grip equipment – is housed west of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Equipped with multiple loading bays and positioned with easy access to Highway 401 and 410, the Toronto warehouse makes transporting equipment to studios or sets on location simple and efficient.

Included in this ample inventory will be the most recent addition to the Cinelease team, Canadian-based LRX lighting products. With LRX products being manufactured locally and Cinelease’s broad reach, the supply chain of manufacturing LRX products and equipping filmmakers with state-of-the-art robotic technology has become exponentially more efficient.

“LRX has contributed to innovation within the film industry for 35 years, with its expertly engineered robotic technology that makes sets safer,” said David Dwight of LRX. “Safety has always been our top priority and the increased accessibility through Cinelease will improve sets across the US and Canada.”

Cinelease anticipates their inventory and position as the sole manufacturer and distributor of LRX products with the backing of parent company Herc Rentals, a Fortune 1000 company, will make Toronto not only more appealing to Canadian filmmakers, but to those south of the border as well. Nearly one-third of productions filmed in Ontario in 2021 were non-Canadian, producing more than two-thirds ($1.9 billion) of Ontario’s film and television-related revenue.

“In 2021, we welcomed LRX and Dwight Crane to the Herc Entertainment family knowing their unbeatable reputation within the Canadian entertainment industry in combination with Cinelease’sheritage would create an ideal experience for both Canada’s and America’s filmmakers,” said Mark Lamberton, Vice President of Herc Entertainment Services. “We’re on a mission to make sets safer for crews, so we continue to ramp up our investments in the production and manufacturing of robotic LRX products, and we’re very proud of the impact that has on the community.” 

The establishment of this new warehouse in Toronto’s bustling film market will bring new jobs, both for seasoned professionals and entry level workers, contributing to the growth of Ontario’s film and television job sector, which provided more than 48,000 full-time equivalent jobs for Ontarians in 2021 alone.

“There will be many job opportunities with the opening of this new location,” said Mikolič. “Not only will we need more workers at the actual warehouse, more positions will become available on productions, as this influx of impressive inventory will need both coordinators and operators on set.”

The ripple effect of Cinelease’s presence is anticipated to bring a positive impact to residents and the local economy as the industry grows. As both the Vancouver and Toronto film markets continue to grow exponentially, Cinelease will be there to offer not only premium equipment, but new jobs and career opportunities along the way.


About Cinelease:
Industry Lighting and Grip gold standard since its creation in 1977, Cinelease Inc.’s intent has been to serve and deliver the best in quality lighting and grip equipment, power distribution, grip trucks, expendables and sound stages to both small and large-scale productions. Wherever the productions go –we will be there to greet them. Whatever the job, wherever the shoot, there’s one clear choice.

About Cinelease Studios:
Cinelease Studios is a unique studio management team that was created as a natural extension of the respectedCineleaseand Herc Entertainment names. Combining a shared history of serving the film and entertainment industry for 45 years, Cinelease Studios has created a pathway to the most exclusive studio experience. With unique studios conveniently located in film-friendly cities throughout the United States, our team unites Cinelease’s unmatched customer service and vast stock of lighting and grip equipment, with the reliability and convenience of in-house Herc Entertainment heavy equipment, climate control and power solutions.

About Herc Entertainment Services:
Emerging from the demand for content creation in the 1980’s as a division of Fortune 1000 company. Herc Rentals, Herc Entertainment Services began tailoring equipment inventories and acquiring assets to better serve the needs of the film and entertainment industry. With safety and customer service as top priorities, Herc rents and delivers unique equipment, for productions of any scale.

About LRX Products:
Canadian born, LRX is the creator of robotic large format lighting. With expert engineering and innovative design, LRX champions the application of mechatronics for the efficiency and safety of large format content creators. By offering remote controllable fixtures with ultimate flexibility, their lighting products and rigging systems help keep crews safer, by enabling lights to be where you need them, without compromising the position of the operator.

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Shannon Arnold
VP Rebel Media

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Alex Arnold
Rebel Media & Marketing

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