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Areu Bros. Studios Announces Its Partnership With Cinelease To Empower Creators, Storytellers And Innovators

Atlanta, GA (April 11, 2019) – Areu Bros. Studios announces its partnership with Cinelease, the premiere industry leader in illumination solutions. This alliance will bring cutting edge technology into a one-of-a-kind content ecosystem to elevate the visual aesthetic of Areu Bros.’ ambitious, multi-platform content business.

“Areu Bros. Founding Vision is to innovate and elevate all forms of content, including television, film, short form content and music, by bridging the gap between new technology and storytelling,” says Ozzie Areu, Founder and CEO of Areu Bros. Studios. “This partnership allows us to further harmonize the multitude of silos that are at the core of storytelling and innovation. From the beginning of time, storytelling has driven technology and technology has elevated the looks and feel and distribution of some of our greatest stories. Partnering with Cinelease, one of the most savvy, high tech, and creative companies in its class, opens a tremendous and unprecedented amount of access for our artists to experiment with the latest and greatest gear.”

“For over 40 years, Cinelease has developed strong relationships and strategic partnerships with some of the best national and international storytellers and visual artists,” says Gannon Murphy, Cinelease’s Director of Business Development. “The opportunity to integrate into the ethnically and gender diverse World of Areu Bros. Studios, allows Cinelease to take our solutions-oriented approach to the next level. From the inception of a project, we are on the ground with storytellers – supplying the right the tools to tell their stories- without limitation.”

Christopher Rogers, Vice President of Marketing, stated, “The Cinelease family is excited to be part of Areu Bros. Studios. Elite Partnerships begin with a basic understanding of core values and vision. From our first meeting with Ozzie and his team, we knew we were aligned on so many levels, specifically our quest to adapt to the ever-changing world of content and technology. The history of Cinelease is based on evolution and adaptation and this partnership with Areu Bros. Studios is one of many expressions of that principle.”

About Areu Bros. Studios
Founded in 2018, Areu Bros. Studios is the first Latino owned and operated media studio in the United States. The 60 acre creative campus is located in Atlanta, Georgia and was launched to create a spherical world that supports Latinx, female minority storytellers, creators and innovators by bringing these artists and innovators under one roof for more focused and contained collaborations. Prior to his mission to help fill a void in the industry, Ozzie Areu, Founder and CEO, served as President of Tyler Perry Studios for over a decade. Areu Bros. Studios is located at 3133 Continental Colony Parkway in Southwest Atlanta, GA. Additionally, Areu Bros. has an office under development in Los Angeles, California with extended partners in Miami and the island of Puerto Rico.


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